Individual & Group Counseling

I believe therapy is a profound encounter with yourself. My role as therapist is to help you share the private conversation you normally reserve for you. I appreciate that therapy can feel scary or awkward and believe that what brings you to this conversation is your desire to be honest with yourself. I have a deep respect for each person's wisdom and courage to make changes. Therapy is an opportunity to face your fears, nurture self-acceptance and challenge yourself to keep growing.

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“As a PhD candidate at the University of Washington Michael has helped me center myself in order to navigate this process. I can’t express the gratitude I have for Michael in helping me calm my anxieties and focus that energy on the task at hand.”
“I found Michael through the Soldiers Project after going through a handful of therapists that just didn’t fit, and he has been instrumental in helping me address self-limiting beliefs. Michael has really helped me work to find a new perspective to view myself and my life’s events through. I can’t recommend him highly enough to anyone who’s feeling like depression, or anxiety (or whatever!) is just a permanent fixture in your life.”