Family Counseling

I believe the process of family therapy begins with the first call to my office. It signifies that some or many in the family are reaching out for help. I work with each family member who attends to identify his or her willingness to do therapy, recognizing that the process can feel scary, frustrating and awkward. In its briefest form, three to four sessions can yield improvement but for many families, eight to twelve sessions are more typical. 

Sessions focus on problem identification and practical solutions. I solicit each family member for their perspective on the problem, thus making family therapy an opportunity to make every voice heard and to see things from all points of view. My role is to help identify strengths and enhance family functioning along a number of channels, so that each member can develop healthy strategies to coexist within the family system.

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“With compassion, grace and uncommon insight, Michael engages our family members ‘where they are’, helping us understand and know each other more completely. The results are a healthier, more respectful environment at home, and renewed optimism and strength in our lives.”
— Pete